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The idea of Ariela


大友 美香







The name of Ariela is from "deliver true worthy pieces of jewelry to people".

The shiness grabs our eyes. When I was a child, I always went to my relatives' jewelry shop to see jewels. The first jewels that I got was a pink tourmaline. This is still my treasure until now and makes me happier when I look at it. 

Jewelry does not only make people happy and powerful, but it also has a role of investment. There are many people who purchase jewelry for investment, especially diamond, and inherit it to next generation.

In Japan, jewels have been handed down from the Showa era to the Heisei era and then to the Reiwa era, maintaining their unchanging value and making women glower. Valuable jewels have a very large scarcity, and their value increases just by holding them.

Jewelry can enhance your value in a way that brand-name products cannot, and it can guarantee you a comfortable life, even that you lose assets.

Ariela wants to make people aware of this and offer valuable diamonds and colored stones at reasonable prices that are not able to be purchased in other stores.

We hope that jewelry will be a good partner for you and that you will be able to witness important moments in your life. We only order the best jewels, and we would be happy to show them to you.

Mika Otomo



The king of jewels, diamonds

 "because of the complexity of our times,

It is important to have jewels"

The word diamond comes from the Greek word meaning "unconquerable, stronger than anything else.


Diamonds are so strong compared to other stones that they continue to shine and maintain their value all the time.

In general, people think of diamonds as expensive and think that cheap diamonds are a bargain. However, there is a big chance that those cheap diamonds are not natural. Some diamonds are only worth a tenth of their supposed value. As a result, many people are surprised to find out the difference in the value of the diamond when they sell it without knowing it is not a natural diamond.


The only way to determine if a diamond is synthetic is to use a special machine. This is the only way to determine if a diamond is human-made or natural, and it is straightforward for experts to see the difference in the crystal structure(natural diamonds are octahedral, while human-made diamonds are cubic). With this in mind, it is always best to purchase diamonds from a store that deals with natural ones.


We only deal with diamonds from the rough and natural diamonds. There are only a limited number of high quality, natural diamonds left on the earth. The value of a diamond is not like that of a piece of paper (money)which changes with inflation or deflation. Instead, it continues to shine and protect your assets forever.


Colored stone 

Diamonds + colored stones = assets value

Before diamonds became famous in the market, the three precious stones, sapphires, emeralds and rubies were dominating.

As they are called precious stones, they are very rare and precious gems, just like diamonds. Today, it is said that the amount of colored stones produced is less than that of diamonds. Using rubies as an analogy, only about 40,000 carats of high-quality Burmese rubies are produced annually, while about 120 million carats of diamonds are produced worldwide. In addition to that, colored stones such as Paraiba tourmaline and alexandrite are now said to be hundreds of times rarer than diamonds.


Paraiba tourmaline, which is famous for its neon blue color, can only be mined in the state of Paraiba in Brazil, and it is very limited. The amount of tourmaline that can be mined is decreasing every year, which is why it is called a fantastic colored stone.


On the other hand, the Ural mines in Russia, where alexandrite, famous for its discoloration, originated, were depleted only a few decades after its discovery. As a result, good alexandrite is almost always refluxed and never goes below $3,000 per carat. In addition, alexandrite is now being developed as a human-made product like diamond.

This makes it extremely difficult to determine whether a stone is natural or man-made, and the only way to tell is through the eyes of a reliable jeweler. In addition, the natural color and variation that cannot be shown by diamonds is the charm of colored stones. However, colored stones are often treated to make the color more beautiful, and if you buy them without knowing this, the price may differ and be worthless later on.



Ariela offers natural gemstones by reliable eyes and reasonable prices.

The combination of diamonds with rare and valuable color stones will definitely add value and future value, which cannot be rivaled by each of them alone.

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